Fullerton Hotel Packages for Affordable and Unforgettable Living Experiences

Fullerton Hotel is indeed a luxury hotel with relatively high room rent. But, everyone can still find great offers to enjoy staying in this hotel at an affordable cost. These days, natives prepare staycation Singapore plan as their best way to have fun while maintaining their working activities.

They are using the program from the government that allows Singaporean to enjoy their best rates in staying at some hotels in Singapore, including this hotel.

Find A Way to Get Good Prices

The Singaporean government introduces Singapore Rediscover Vouchers. This voucher is applicable for various hotels in the city. It is not surprising that many Singaporeans choose this hotel instead of others that usually offer standard prices. Who would deny spending nights at Fullerton Hotel with the discounted prices?

Besides, there are several choices of package that everyone can choose for their staycation Singapore plan here. Are you one of them who are curious about the best packages here? If so, then keep on reading to find the best deals that suit your needs and budget.
Excellent Packages For All Purposes

There are four packages that visitors can choose from. The first one is the Taste the Good Life. This package is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy great menus at any restaurant in Fullerton. The dining credit reaches SGD200 where they have a chance to try as many menus as they can at great prices. By using this package, guests can enjoy the late-checkout features.

The next available package is the Complimentary Night. This package allows guests to stay for another night in a different room with a higher level. The good thing is that they only have to pay once with the regular price for one night stay.

However, for those who want to take the advantage of living luxuriously during the weekdays for their remote work, then the Weekly Siesta is the best choice. They can enjoy free, daily breakfast. Besides, they can also get dining credit as much as SGD80 for trying any menus in some restaurants in the hotel. Guests can also enjoy a late checkout and also complimentary service for an upgrade.
Need A Luxury Experience?

Don’t doubt to choose Luxury Escape Package. This is the best package for the family. Guests can use this package for their staycation Singapore plan. The package offers daily breakfast for all family members, with the dining credit up to SGD80 net. Users can also get late check-out and complimentary upgrades.

Luxurious living experiences at Fullerton Hotel are what guests can get at this hotel. Imagine having a great night at the rooftop bar while munching some delectable gourmets from world-class chefs. Guests might also use their credit cards or membership to get more discounts. Or, guests can enjoy fitness center facilities along with spa treatment and sauna. Staycation with the whole family members will be more than just unforgettable.

So, if you happen to arrive in Singapore, go directly to Fullerton Road and make yourself a reservation at Fullerton Hotel after you have claimed your Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers.

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